Hi there and welcome to the LIFT blog!  My name is Trina and I’m the author of this wonderful piece of the internet.  My ultimate goal is to contribute positively to your life and make you smile along the way.  This blog has been created to LIFT you, your friends and family.  It is meant to always have Lively, Inspirational, Friendly Tips.  This could mean that I found out some neat facts about living or I’ve stumbled on gorgeous tidbits I think will make you appreciate life a little more. (Think cute pictures and challenges)

I love everything that emphasizes the beauty of life, care for our planet, and produces thought-provoking, intriguing information.  Things you should know about me: My glass is mostly full, documentaries and TED talks encourage me and I encourage sharing.  Yes, just like in kindergarten.

Please poke around and stick around if you like what you see.  You can find my latest post here.

If you have queries, considerations or content you’d like to share, please feel free to contact me. (theliftblog at gmail.com)

Cheers and all the best to you.



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